Types of chronic diseases

Types of chronic diseases

There are several types of chronic diseases, which is accompanies a person
throughout his life

all types of chronic diseases are harmful to the human health But they differ in
their intensity

So, what is chronic diseases ?

Chronic diseases are considered a disease that affects the health of the body and
still with him all the life

They may be a diseases effect on the human health and started to develop slowly
inside the human body, also chronic diseases don’t cause infection

There is no way to protect yourself from getting sick, also there is no medicinal
treatment for complete recovery from chronic diseases, but you can take some
medicinal treatment to make the symptoms lighter

Types of chronic diseases


Arthritis is one of the types of chronic diseases which targets old people; due to
free the gelatinous substance, that stay between joints which increasing the
flexibility of moving joints.

Symptoms :

Swelling and inflammation in the joint and severe pain when moving

Treatment :

keep your body fit and doing several exercises may decrease from feeling a pain

Types :

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the One of the most serious types of chronic
diseases, which reduce the ability of the heart muscle to do its job, so this results in
the heart working less efficiently than required.

Which affects the human body and doing the exercise of vital activities that are
important for human survival

Treatment :

There is no specific treatment for cardiovascular diseases, but most cases resort to

Types :

Heart muscle weakness, coronary artery hypertrophy, and heart arrhythmias

Respiratory system diseases

Respiratory system diseases are one of the most dangerous types of chronic
diseases which prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs

Treatment :

respiratory devices are used that control the levels of oxygen that reach the lungs

Types :

Asthma, bronchiectasis and bronchial obstruction

Carcinoid tumors 

Carcinoid tumors consider one of the dangerous types of chronic disease, which
affecting any part of the human body

A tumor

is an abnormal development in the cells of the human body and often reaches the

Treatment :

Periodic detection and continuous follow-up is one way to limit the spread of the
disease in all parts of the body; because cancer cells are growing rapidly


Diabetes is one of the types of chronic diseases that the patient adapted with
throughout his life, which occurs as a result of a defect in the functions of the
pancreas and its inability to produce insulin

Insulin :

is the hormone responsible for maintaining normal sugar levels in the body

Types :

it may be genetic or non-genetic cause and also it is divided into type 1 diabetes
and type 2 diabetes

Treatment:  by controlling blood sugar levels through insulin injections or other
drugs, the patient continues to take treatment throughout his life

Obesity disease

Obesity disease is one of the types of chronic diseases which can be cured, it occurs
due to hormones changes or due to lose control of appetite

Treatment :

Obesity can be cured by following healthy diets or by doing a surgical operation to
decrease the size of stomach

People who are suffering from Obesity are more likely to develop cardiovascular
disease and diabetes


Schizophrenia is one of the types of chronic diseases that accompany a person throughout
his life, which makes a person imagine events that did not happen as if they did and talk to people who do not exist

Treatment :

You must follow up continuously with the specialist psychiatrist in order to avoid the
problems of schizophrenia


Chronic depression is one of the types of chronic diseases that continue with a person for
a lifetime, so the patient feels a lack of desire to continue life, fear and intense sadness
and the symptoms may disappear for a certain period and return more severe than the

Symptoms :

There are many symptoms of chronic depression, including:

Feeling sad and frustrated, losing passion in practicing various life matters, not feeling confident in oneself, losing the desire to eat or eat a lot, staying away from people and
Facing sleep problems.

Treatment :

A group of medications are used for psychotherapy, and this depends on several factors including :

  • Patient age
  • The severity of the patient’s symptoms

Treatment is prescribed with medications such as antidepressants


Glaucoma is one of the types of chronic eye diseases that must be treated quickly
because in the absence of treatment, complete loss of vision may occur

It happed due to increasing the pressure of the eye fluid on retina, which leads to scar
on the eye that called blue water

Treatment :

Surgical intervention must be done as soon as possible to reduce the risk of vision


Hypothyroidism is considered one of the types of chronic diseases, where the gland
cannot produce enough thyroxine, which is necessary for the activity of the gland

People who suffering from Hypothyroidism, also suffering from Obesity disease due
to the weakness of the thyroid gland to burn excess fat as required

Treatment :

doctors give Synthetic hormone instead of natural hormone, also advise patient to stay
near to the sea to take advantage of the benefits of inhaling sea air rich in iodine

Parkinson disease

Parkinson’s is one of the types of chronic diseases that cause great damage to the
patient’s nervous system, who lose the ability to control of his hand

It can lead to a complete loss of movement of the hands

Symptoms :

Feeling a shiver in the hands may be noticed by close people, the patient loses the
ability to move parts of his body in case of developing disease

Treatment :

There is no specific treatment for Parkinson’s but medications can reduce the risk of
disease development

In this article, we have discussed the types of chronic diseases, their symptoms, and
methods of treatment. Through early detection and continuous follow-up, the disease
can be controlled .

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