Psychological Counseling

Specialist and patient
Specialist and patient

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Psychological counseling is a  form of therapy that aims to help individuals overcome

emotional, mental, or behavioral issues that may be impacting their overall well-being

It involves a trained counselor or psychologist providing support

The goal of psychological counseling is    

Firstly identify and  Secondly address the root causes of negative

thoughts, feelings, and behaviors ,additionally to help the individual develop coping

strategies and skills to improve their mental health and overall life satisfaction

whos need to seek psychological counseling ?

Generally ,they are people who have difficulties managing their own problems that affect their

mental health and life in general

 Therefore those people can’t control it

These problems include : 

  • Depression 
  • Behaviour problems 
  • anxiety 
  • Emotional difficulties 
  • Reluctance to make a decision 
  • Family relationships 
  • Addiction

The consultation does not enrich and is not a substitute for visiting the doctor

when necessary, and it is not a treatment in itself, and it remains the patient’s

responsibility and responsibility to adhere to the instructions and advice

Terms of Service

  • Only one message is allowed to be sent at a time, otherwise repeated sending
    will harm

the experience

  • It is not possible to respond to any consultation that falls outside the scope
  • of psychology, such as medical or legal problems
  • The accepted format for receiving the message is only by text message, so
  • we do not open or receive links, images or audio files
  • It takes presently one to two weeks to respond to the consultation

How to apply


Fill in the submission form at the bottom ,besides your name or nickname
and email

Please include and write the consultation fully with the sender’s gender
further, age

marital status if possible, and all information, until make it easier for us to

address the issue

Check your email after the processing period has elapsed to look for an

incoming message from us consequently , if you find nothing, check spam

afterwards If you do not find a message from the site, contact our contact page

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