Benefits Of Eating Insects

plate of insects

When we talking about Benefits Of Eating Insects , It may seem to be
disgusting for some people , but it’s related to people’s cultures

Eating Insects has many benefits for our health, and also it considers a
good replacement to other protein resources

The Research Institute refers to the benefits of eating insects to human
health, also statistics refers to eating insects provides the body with healthy
lipids and fats up to 33%.

For example; Cricket contains 65% of Proteins while Beef Contain only 50%
of protein

And in this article, we will talk about the benefits of eating insects and its
effect on human health

Benefits of Eating Insects

Scientists see the future is eating insects in human nutrition, also
“Al FAO” organization indicates that selling insects is developed in all
over the world since 2018

Good source for protein

The statistic indicates that insects contain a large amount of several
minerals as iron, calcium and some useful vitamins to the body

Also other Benefits of Eating Insects that it contain a large amount of
useful healthy fats, amino acids and vitamin B12

It also contain a large amount of omega 3 acids, also eating insects
protects intestine; due to the chitin substance that contain a useful bacteria
for intestine health

Do you know that benefit of eating a half of kilo of bees equal to the benefit
of eating a half of kilo of beef? So, scientists expect to replace eating beef
with eating insects through the next 20 years

Fight hunger and Starvation

According to statistics of nutrition and agriculture organization, the benefits
of eating insects will eliminate the problems of hunger all over the world
because producing this type of food is so easy

Also some international companies started to produce meet balls and burger
that made from warms

Protecting the environment 

One of the Benefits of Eating Insects that it may be fight the climate changes
and global warming

Insect eating rate globally

Eating insects considered as a daily routine for some countries, also they
have a special markets for selling insects as Asia, which is the biggest
market in eating insects followed by America and Africa

communities that eat insects


Eating insects is normal in Asia. As example, China has a special place in the
world Economical System, only china produce about 6 billion cricket for
human consumption

Because the cricket dishes is the most favorite dishes for the Chinese people
in addition to locust and black spiders in the Chinese kitchen

The Philippines is the most Asian countries which is characterized by eating
insects and they use a large amount of insects as well

Because of their knowledge of Benefits of Eating Insects, they eat the fried
red ant and dung beetle, and Thailand people eat warms and grasshoppers

An emerging company invented a device to generate weekly about 500 gram
from warms by organic waste to increase the consumption of insects all over
the world

Latin America

Mexico is the largest country that contains edible insects, it has Aphids
beetles and grasshoppers, and also Brazil prefers eating insects and knows
the Benefits of Eating Insects


Africa depends on their nutrition system on eating insects due to wars and
the problems they suffer from

Also Ghana considered one of the first African countries that depends on
eating caterpillar, Congo they eat forest worms, and Cameroon eat the cricket
with onion because the know the Benefits of Eating Insects     

The Benefits of Eating some Insects

There are several benefits of eating insects :

Grasshoppers :

grasshoppers is the most useful insects for eating, where every 100 gram of
it contains about 14 – 28 gram protein

Caterpillars :

caterpillars is a butterfly in the development stage, in this stage the insects are
very rich with protein and iron, and it is considered one of the common food
in Africa

Ants :

every 100 gram of the red ants gives 14 gram of protein

Bees and wasps :

they consider one of the insects that contain a large amount of protein, in
several countries as in Asia, Africa, and America they eat bees and wasps

Aquatic insects :

the people in Mexico drying the aquatic caterpillars and they called it the
Mexican caviar, there taste looks like fresh aquatic food

The Cricket :

the cricket is one of the most useful food for the intestine, it keeps the
intestine bacteria healthy

Some insects have a great benefit to treat inflammation of the body and

Reasons to eat insects

 According to the benefits of eating insects, there are several reasons to eat

Environmental benefits :

one of the benefits of eating insects that it produces gases less harmful than
other animals, also insects breeding don’t need a great effort comparing with
another protein resources

Health benefits :

one of the benefits of eating insects that insects consider a good replacement
of the other protein resources

Economic benefits :

eating insects is a good replacement for fighting hunger and other protein

Finally, eating insects are not harmful to human, if you keep
yourself away from poison insects

Which is considered a good replacement for other protein
So you should try to eat insects because their taste look like
shrimp and snail

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